Hey! I'm Brooklyn

Exploring life, one page and meal at a time

My real name is spelled "Brookelynn", but Brooklyn is just easier, and it adds a bit of that NYC vibe. I'm definitely from southern California though. I'm 21, balancing college and the family business, Bailey Rae Foods. Let me give you a peek into what makes me who I am.

First of all, pink is my all-time favorite color (I'm sure you can already tell). My toothbrush is pink, my lamp is pink, my Bible is pink, my backpack is pink and even this website is pink. I'm telling you, one of the most important questions I always have to ask is, "Does it come in pink?"

When I'm not in the classroom, you'll catch me experimenting in the kitchen, reading a good book, or hitting the gym. And music? It's everything to me, I can't go without it.

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