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Effective Date: February 11, 2023


Brooklyn in the Haus acknowledges the importance of providing an accessible website and content to all users, including those with disabilities. While full compliance with all accessibility standards is not always achievable, the company is committed to using technology and industry best practices to improve the accessibility of its website and content.

Accessibility Measures

Brooklyn in the Haus has implemented measures to ensure the accessibility of its website, including the utilization of the Accessibility Scanner. These efforts are aimed at identifying and addressing any barriers to accessibility and improving the overall user experience for all users. The company is dedicated to continuously reviewing and updating its accessibility measures to ensure that its website remains accessible to all users.

Accessibility Limitations

Despite these efforts, there may still be limitations to the accessibility of the website, including older content or multimedia elements that do not meet current accessibility standards.

Feedback and Assistance

If any user encounters any barriers or difficulties accessing the Brooklyn in the Haus website, the company encourages such user to contact hello@brooklyninthehaus.com. The company will make a reasonable effort to address any accessibility-related issues and make necessary improvements to enhance the accessibility of the website and content.